[uClinux-dev] ARM7TDMI zImage booting

Plüss Tobias TA.E.1001 tobias.pluess at stud.hslu.ch
Wed Jul 31 05:13:36 EDT 2013

Hi Daniel,

I have no idea as well :-(

The compiler I use is arm-none-eabi-gcc from launchpad.net, which should work fine I think. As far as I know this is used by many other people without problems, so I think it should be fine.
The memory timing is one possibility; but I did some memory tests which didn't fail, and I can program the Flash memory without any problems through JTAG, so I guess the memory timing should be also no problem.

Other question: is there some documentation around about the GENERIC_CLOCKEVENTS ?
I guess I implemented my system timer wrong, and this could be the reason why that thing crashes. Hopefully.
I would post my code here, but it is a bit too long I guess....

The point is - I do not exactly know what GENERIC_CLOCKEVENTS mean. What is set_next_event() for and what is the event_handler and who initialises is?
So far, I have completely no idea where to start. I tried to follow the "ARM SOC Checklist" http://elinux.org/images/a/ad/Arm-soc-checklist.pdf but things are not that simple like they are described in there :-)


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Hi Tobias,

On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 03:13:43PM +0000, Plüss Tobias TA.E.1001 wrote:
> With the help of this, I could see that the Code works until it
> reaches inflate.c, Line 579. There it comes to an endless loop,
> and I don't know why :-( Do you have some idea?

sorry, no idea. Does it get stuck there on every boot?
Bad compiler? Bad RAM timings?

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