[uClinux-dev] framebuffer/console question

angelo angelo70 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 08:29:51 EDT 2012

Hi all,

i have a working coldfire board, running uClinux. I connected a 128x64 
monochrome lcd on gpio, and written a framebuffer driver.
 From userspace i can now write on "/dev/fb0" and see some images properly.

My question now is about console. Just for playing, i am trying to see 
the console output on the LCD. Even if very small, this should be 
possible, as i enabled the "console framebuffer" driver and some fonts.

Once i booted linux, i try an echo "test" > /dev/console, something 
seems to happen on the screen, some pixels are cleared, but i don't see 
nothing similar to font chars.

I read fb and fbcon docs, but i couldn't find any document that explain 
if console fb driver (fbcon) can be used with some fb drivers only (like 
vesfb), or with any fb driver. So my question is: is it possible or i 
should add/create some additional driver ?

many thanks


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