[uClinux-dev] Latest GCC toolchain for m68k

Ivica Eftimovski IEFTIMOVSKI at teledyne.com
Mon May 14 12:54:40 EDT 2012

Hi Luis,

I use CodeSourcery/Mentor Graphics prebuilt toolset. I have build my own for the m68k before, but personally I advise you against it, especially on Windows/Cygwin. CodeSourcery has a "Lite" free version of the toolchain for m68k uClinux running both on Windows and Linux at http://www.mentor.com/embedded-software/sourcery-tools/sourcery-codebench/editions/lite-edition/ .


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I'm currently using the 'experimental' pre-built gcc toolchain from <http://www.uclinux.org/pub/uClinux/arm-elf-tools/tools-20080626/m68k-uclinux-tools-20080626.sh>
to build my uClinux-dist.

I've never found any issue with that package, so I didn't even bother to build my own toolchain.

But now I'm wondering: Is there a newer/better pre-built toolchain, or sorces for building a more recent one.

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