[uClinux-dev] rrdtool: crashing when rendering graphics (m68k target)

Luis Alves ljalvs at gmail.com
Fri May 4 16:30:15 EDT 2012

Thanks a lot Greg! Increased the stack size and it works now!
By default it is set to the 4k default.

Always learning!

Thanks and Regards,
Luis Alves

No dia 4 de Mai de 2012 14:41, "Greg Ungerer" <gerg at snapgear.co
> Hi Luis,
> On 05/04/2012 07:58 PM, Luis Alves wrote:
>> I've tried the 'rrdtool' included in the latest uClinux dist (20120401).
>> Creating the database, inserting and fetching values work fine, but
>> when I try to create a .png chart it do one of these two things:
>> 1) Crash the kernel (I'm almost sure it writes in bad memory locations)
>> 2) Give an 'Address Error' trap.
>> Before I start to dig the code to find the issue (if I ever get time
>> to do it), has anyone used this tool in a m68k target? If yes, does it
>> work good?
>> What about in other nommu targets?
> I haven't used rrdtool on uClinux, so I can't verify that it works.
> But when you see these sorts of odd crashes the first thing I try
> is to increase the stack size of the app. Its all too easy to overrun
> your app stack.
> If you grep for FLTFLAGS in user/*/Makefile you will see how to
> set a larger stack size.
> Regards
> Greg
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