[uClinux-dev] Perl isn't compiling and other random questions

Mark Bishop mark at bish.net
Wed Aug 29 00:41:56 EDT 2012

Quoting Greg Ungerer <gerg at snapgear.com>:

> Hi Mark,
> On 29/08/12 04:54, Mark Bishop wrote:
>> Quoting Mark Bishop <mark at bish.net>:
>>> Quoting GLHS329 <glhs329 at gmail.com>:
>>>> On Tue, Aug 28, 2012 at 12:26 PM, Mark Bishop <mark at bish.net> wrote:
>>>>> I'm getting errors building perl from the SVN head.  Should I just move
>>>>> the offending line from fork() to vfork() and be done with it or is this
>>>>> something bigger?  My goal is to use perl for some simple CGI web pages
>>>>> from boa.  Would python be a better option?
>>>> I recommend you check out Haserl (haserl.sourceforge.net). I have not used
>>>> it on an MMU-less system, but I think you'll find it's much lighter weight
>>>> than Perl or Python.
>>> haserl in trunk also bombs on fork().  However, there are only two
>>> occurrences of fork() in the code.  I'll change them to vfork() and
>>> give it a go.
>> It's like this patch was unapplied:
>> http://mailman.uclinux.org/pipermail/uclinux-dev/2008-May/046569.html
> When I send messages like that it means applied to the sources that
> are released at http://www.uclinux.org/pub/uClinux/dist/.
> And that patch is in the sources packages there (after May/2008).
> Note that there is no git/svn/cvs access to these.
>> None of these changes/patches are in the SVN/GIT repository.
>> http://blackfin.uclinux.org/git/?p=readonly-mirrors/uclinux-dist.git;a=tree;f=user/haserl/haserl-0.9.25;h=63cf9039fbf978ab733fd7f407e705514a236eab;hb=HEAD
> All other archives, like this one, and the many others around the internet,
> are maintained by others. I really have no idea who, or even if, they track
> the uClinux-dist releases or are even maintained at all.
> Regards
> Greg

My apologies.  I didn't know that there were so many varieties of  
uClinux. This makes it absolutely confusing as to get things working  
as that some varieties of uClinux have certain packages working and  
others don't. It looks like your version is pretty consistent.

I appreciate the reply Greg.

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