[uClinux-dev] troubles with compiling kernel

Hasan abbadi abbadi-hasan at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 21 06:17:57 EDT 2011

 any idea please ??

From: abbadi-hasan at hotmail.com
To: uclinux-dev at uclinux.org; gerg at snapgear.com
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 12:21:19 +0000
Subject: [uClinux-dev] troubles with compiling kernel


I'm new in embedded Linux. 

I'm using ubunu (kernel 2.6.32) and I want to compile linux kernel 2.6 for uclinux-dist-20070130.  The board target is an ARM7TDMI so I chose Atmel as architecture in menuconfig.

When I do 'make' and after 10 minutes I obtain this error:


  CC [M]  drivers/net/r8169.o
drivers/net/tun.c: In function ‘tun_chr_aio_read’:
drivers/net/tun.c:402: attention : passing argument 3 of ‘tun_put_user’ discards qualifiers from pointer target type
drivers/net/tun.c: In function ‘tun_chr_aio_write’:
drivers/net/tun.c:301: attention : passing argument 2 of ‘tun_get_user’ discards qualifiers from pointer target type
  CC [M]  drivers/net/amd8111e.o
  CC [M]  drivers/net/s2io.o
  CC [M]  drivers/net/netconsole.o
  LD      drivers/net/built-in.o
make[1]: *** [drivers] Erreur 2
make[1]: quittant le répertoire « /home/hasan/Bureau/uclinus/uClinux-dist/linux-2.6.x »
make: *** [linux] Erreur 1


Any help please?


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