[uClinux-dev] Start files from initramfs

Frank Mölendörp frank.moelendoerp at ewetel.net
Sat May 29 14:23:57 EDT 2010


I'm not sure, if the libs were static, but now they are. With the same
But thank you for the tip.

The vendor-makefile produce some pseudo dev's, which will translated by
genromfs to
real dev's. That's the point, why I was using the romfs as initramfs.
But I will try to modify
my makefile, that it will create the dev-nodes directly.
First I forgot to place the dev-nodes in initramfs, while using a
folder-structure instead of
a filelist for gen_init_cpio. In this case the kernel will prompt
something about failure to
initialize the console. This appears no more. So I think that the
dev-nodes are not the
problem, but this can also be wrong.

However, every try ends with an "Failed to execute ...". Even when I
just start a
hello-world-program its ends up with an "Fail to execute /usr/hello".

Could it be that printf points to a wrong device or something in this
Thanks for the help and everything that will follow.



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