[uClinux-dev] Starting the kernel on CM3

Frank Mölendörp frank.moelendoerp at ewetel.net
Mon May 24 05:13:17 EDT 2010

Hello all,
in the last week I wrote my own little bootloader, to make it easier to 
load and setup the kernel.
Now I'm able flash(/copy) the kernel to the right position, setting up 
the bootparameters, initialize
the hardware and jump to the kernel. This works fine, even with other 
The first thing I got was an errormessage:
Error: unrecognized/unsupported machine ID (r1 = 0x00000827).
Available machine support:

ID (hex)     NAME
00002710  '

Please check your kernel config and/or bootloader.

So I set the register r1 to 0x2710. The 0x827 comes from a employee of 
ARM Ltd, who send me
I setup script for setting up the right bootparameter.

It's Cortex M4 in a MPS using the ARM example system. I'm using the 
following config-options:
And the Makefile.boot contains the following:
zreladdr-y    := 0x10008000
params_phys-y    := 0x10000100
initrd_phys-y    := 0x10800000

Before I jump to the kernel, I do this:
     memset((unsigned char *)0x10000000, 0, 0x1000);
    *((unsigned long *) 0x10000100) = 2;
    *((unsigned long *) 0x10000104) = 0x54410001;
    *((unsigned long *) 0x10000108) = 258;
    *((unsigned long *) 0x1000010c) = 0x54410009;
    sprintf((char *) 0x10000110, "init=/bin/sh console=ttyAMA3 mem=4M 


                MOV        R4, R0              // Moves entrypoint to r4
                LDR        R0, = 0               // Unknown option
                LDR        R1, = 0x2710     // Machine ID
                LDR        R2, = 0               // Unknown option
                LDR        R3, = 0               // Unknown option
                BX         R4                       // Jump to the 
entrypoint of the kernel

I know, that the string, which is set to 0x10000110, is ignored by the 
kernel. This is because, even when
I use another tty like ttyAMA1, the output still comes from ttyAMA3, 
which is defined in the .config of the kernel.
I searched for the documentation for the registercontent and also 
parametersection at 0x10000100, but I find only
the description of parameter-string. What does the other things mean? Is 
there somewhere a good documentation?
Could someone say that 0x2710 is also right btw. it's wrong? Is there 
something else, that should be initialized before
the kernel will started?

The last thing I can say is, that the start ends with a hard fault. When 
someone needs any further information,
I'll give them as fast as possible.



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