[uClinux-dev] [PATCH m68knommu] Improve short help of m68knommu/Kconfig/RAMSIZE for '0' case

Philippe De Muyter phdm at macqel.be
Fri May 21 07:08:39 EDT 2010

Hi Greg,

On Fri, May 21, 2010 at 03:49:25PM +1000, Greg Ungerer wrote:
> Hi Philippe,
> Philippe De Muyter wrote:
>> While it is explained in the long help text, meaning of '0' for RAMSIZE
>> is easily overlooked because is not mentionned in the short help text.
>> Add that.
> I am reluctant to change that string to something so long.
> When running menuconfig for example on a normal 80 column
> window the end is chopped of. I much prefer brief strings
> in the prompt line.

Sorry about that.

How about those short enough proposals :
	hex "Size of RAM (bytes), or 0 for bootloader provided"
	hex "Size of RAM (bytes), or 0 for automatic"


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