[uClinux-dev] limits.h on own ARM-Architecture

Greg Ungerer gerg at snapgear.com
Thu May 13 19:51:43 EDT 2010

Hi Ithamar,

Ithamar R. Adema wrote:
> Greg Ungerer wrote:
>> I seem to recall this coming up a few years ago (don't recall if it
>> was and ARM targeted compiler or not though) - on this list. If you
>> google a little you may find the answer back then.
> It is because a particular part of the uClinux build system (or one of 
> its packages, I think it was uClibC) sets explicit include paths to 
> directories in your toolchain, and the CodeSourcery toolchain does not 
> seem to comply with the paths specified. Using the officially sanctioned 
> toolchain will solve this compilation issue....

I wouldn't characterize any particular toolchain as "officially"
sanctioned. uClinux-dist was intended to be able to be used with a
variety of toolchains.

I know this limits.h problem has come up before with CodeSourcery
toolchains. I actually thought it had been resolved years ago. If
not we should figure out a proper fix (where ever is appropriate)
and get it applied.


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