[uClinux-dev] kernel load issue, jump to _fault vector

angelo angelo70 at gmail.com
Sat May 8 10:50:56 EDT 2010

Hi all,

well i have some news with this coldfire 5307 issue,

i disassembled and put some loop as opcodes here and there in the kernel 
(4ef9 0000 XXXX  jmp XXXX ) as a very rude debug.

The issue is just at the beginning:

Dump of assembler code for function _text:
0x00000400 <_text+0>:    nop
0x00000402 <_text+2>:    movew #9984,%sr
0x00000406 <_text+6>:    moveal #0,%sp              <--- Issue is here
0x0000040c <_text+12>:    movec %sp,%vbr
0x00000410 <_text+16>:    movel %sp,0xe8944 <_ramvec>
0x00000416 <_text+22>:    moveal #0,%sp
0x0000041c <_text+28>:    movel %sp,0xe8940 <_sdata>
0x00000422 <_text+34>:    movel #16777216,%d0
0x00000428 <_text+40>:    addl %sp,%d0
0x0000042a <_text+42>:    movel %d0,0xe894c <_ramend>
0x00000430 <_text+48>:    movel #16777216,%d0
0x00000436 <_text+54>:    movec %d0,%cacr
0x0000043a <_text+58>:    nop
0x0000043c <_text+60>:    movel #49184,%d0
0x00000442 <_text+66>:    movec %d0,%itt0
0x00000446 <_text+70>:    moveq #0,%d0
0x00000448 <_text+72>:    movec %d0,%itt1
0x0000044c <_text+76>:    movel #-1610612224,%d0
0x00000452 <_text+82>:    movec %d0,%cacr
0x00000456 <_text+86>:    nop
0x00000458 <_text+88>:    lea 0x11c250,%a1
0x0000045e <_text+94>:    movel %a1,0xe8948 <_ramstart>
0x00000464 <_text+100>:    lea 0xff000 <system_state>,%a0
0x0000046a <_text+106>:    lea 0x11c250,%a1
0x00000470 <_text+112>:    clrl %d0

Seems that after setting stack frame to 0 the code jump to the interrupt 
vector _fault routine.

Probably i should set to the stack frame a more appropriate value for my 
custom board, near the top of the SDRAM, or in the internal SRAM 
probably should be better, but i am not finding if there is some custom 
.c or makefile for this.

Every help is appreciated,

thanks in advance

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