[uClinux-dev] developing user application with lpc2478

Wan Mohd Fairuz Wan Ismail wanmohdfairuz at mckk9903.com
Fri May 7 16:25:47 EDT 2010

I wonder if someone can show me how to put a example helloworld application
in my uclinux. I succesfully compile and run uclinux on my lpc2478. So right
now i want to test a example user application.

I use LPC2478 with 2.6.x kernel using snapgear 20061213 toolchain. What do I
need to build the example application?

Kind Regards,

Wan Mohd Fairuz WAN ISMAIL
Masters in Electronics Engineering,
Majoring in Embedded System Engineering,
Polytech Nice Sophia Antipolis, FRANCE.

15 Le Palais des Fleurs,
74 Boulevard Raymond Poincare,
06160 Juan les Pins, FRANCE.
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