[uClinux-dev] Is uClinux supported by Marvell PXA3xx?

Daniel lampard.2010 at yahoo.com.cn
Fri May 7 16:09:29 EDT 2010

Good. Thank you, Len.

On Fri, May 07, 2010 at 01:24:08AM +0800, Daniel wrote:
> Yes, I mean 'Marvell 88AP303 ARM device'. It is good to know it supports uClinux. Thanks!

Well I don't know that exact one, but as I said, I would expect it
to work.  As far as I can tell all the PXA chips are full armv5tel so
they should run everything.  So as long as there is kernel support for
it, you should be fine as far as I can tell.

Len Sorensen
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