[uClinux-dev] Is uClinux supported by Marvell PXA3xx?

Daniel lampard.2010 at yahoo.com.cn
Thu May 6 13:24:08 EDT 2010

Hi, Len
Yes, I mean 'Marvell 88AP303 ARM device'. It is good to know it supports uClinux. Thanks!

On Thu, May 06, 2010 at 10:59:14PM +0800, Daniel wrote:
> I am sorry that maybe the special characters crashed my former email. So, I think I need to reinstate my problem.
> I am currently now trying to port uclinux into Marvell 89AP303 AMR device. The first important question is whether ucLinux suport this device. On its product instruction, it supports Linux 2.6.21, but does it support uclinux? Could anyone help me out? 

Did you mean 'Marvell 88AP303 ARM device'?  Also known as the PXA303?

Certainly I would expect PXA CPUs to work with uClinus, although I have
only ever run full Linux on a PXA255 myself.

Len Sorensen
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