[uClinux-dev] TSC2200 uClinux driver

Alessandro Guerra aguerra at autron.net
Wed May 5 13:09:21 EDT 2010

I'm writing a GUI application for uClinux on a COBRA5329 board from senTec.
The application uses two types of input devices: touch screen and a keypad.
Both input devices are connected to a TSC2200 chip from Texas Instrument,
but the uClinux driver configures and starts only the touch screen 
Moreover, my application have to read the battery and analog inputs from 
the TSC2200.

Have you ever developed a driver that implement this kind of functionality?
Can you help me to find some clues in order to make this interface fully 
working? ;-)

Thanks a lot,

Alessandro Guerra
Autron srl
via per Mirandola, 8
41033 Concordia s/S (MO) - Italy
Tel   : +39-0535.57276
Fax   : +39-0535.412795
web: http://www.autron.net
mailto: aguerra at autron.net

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