[uClinux-dev] lpc2478 (arm7tdmi) and uClinux compile problems

Ithamar R. Adema ithamar.adema at team-embedded.nl
Tue May 4 05:35:39 EDT 2010


Wan Mohd Fairuz Wan Ismail wrote:
> My question is, do we still need to patch with the latest uclinux 
> dist? I've seen in the latest uclinux menuconfig that only LPC2200, 
> LPC2294, LPC22xx, LPC28xx that are on the list. Does this means that 
> LPC2478 is not supported? So how can I compile my uclinux for LPC2478?

You'll need the LPC24x8 patch from EmbeddedArtists, also available from 
lpc2400 yahoo mailing list. There is currently no support for recent 
uClinux versions with that, though I'm still working on this in the 


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