[uClinux-dev] lpc2478 (arm7tdmi) and uClinux compile problems

Wan Mohd Fairuz Wan Ismail wanmohdfairuz at mckk9903.com
Mon May 3 10:02:30 EDT 2010

I'm Fairuz, a student that are working on a project that involves LPC2478
microcontrollers (ARM7TDMI processor). Since i'm new to the world of
embedded linux, compiling kernel and stuff, I've look into uclinux tutorials
that available on the site. But I realized that most of the tutorials use
very old (4-5 years back) kernel and uclinux dist. I've seen also that in
the tutorials, before compiling uclinux, they patched the kernel with
uclinux patch and the target processor patch (in this case lpc2xxx patch).

My question is, do we still need to patch with the latest uclinux dist? I've
seen in the latest uclinux menuconfig that only LPC2200, LPC2294, LPC22xx,
LPC28xx that are on the list. Does this means that LPC2478 is not supported?
So how can I compile my uclinux for LPC2478?

Thanks for your time.

Wan Mohd Fairuz WAN ISMAIL
Masters in Electronics Engineering,
Majoring in Embedded System Engineering,
Polytech Nice Sophia Antipolis, FRANCE.

15 Le Palais des Fleurs,
74 Boulevard Raymond Poincare,
06160 Juan les Pins, FRANCE.
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