[uClinux-dev] Re: Firewire

Joseph Lisee jlisee at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 13:53:36 EDT 2009

Kenneth Porter <shiva <at> sewingwitch.com> writes:

> What's the current status of Firewire support in uClinux?
> I'm thinking of going with a board from <http://embeddedartists.com/> and 
> building a daughtercard with a GP2Lynx (TI TSB12LV32). I saw in the 
> archives that a driver had been written for the 2.4 kernel but it looks 
> like 2.6 is now the main focus of development and am wondering if the 
> driver got ported to the new Firewire stack.

I am in a similar situation.  We are building a board based upon a Bluetechnix
core module, with some custom hardware in between us and the GP2Lynx to give me
memory mapped access to its registers.

I have done some investigating and looking over the driver and I don't think the
porting should be that difficult.  Have you had any luck porting the driver?

-Joseph Lisee

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