[uClinux-dev] who has experiments on Sigma8622 platform

Jamie Lokier jamie at shareable.org
Wed Jun 24 16:15:37 EDT 2009

Su Zhenbing wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'm working on Sigma 8622 platform now and encounter a problem when I
> porting some app to the uclinux.
> Follow error always show even the source can compile pass.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> uclibc[server]# ./tftpd
> BINFMT_FLAT: bad magic/rev (0x1010161, need 0x4)
> BINFMT_FLAT: bad magic/rev (0x1010161, need 0x4)
> tftpd: applet not found
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Is there the makefile has error? What caused this...? And how can I
> resolve. Thanks.

For Sigma EM8622 devices, your makefile should have produced a
"tftpd.gdb" and a "tftpd" file, and you are attempting to execute the
"tftpd.gdb" file.

tftpd is the bFLT ("flat") file, and tftpd.gdb is the ELF file.

When you try to run an ELF file on that device, it gives the above
error message.

So it looks like the wrong file was copied to your device, or the
makefile is not running compiling properly.

When compiling, it must have the option -Wl,-elf2flt=-s32768 or
something like that.

-- Jamie

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