[uClinux-dev] m68k-uclinux-20061214 toolchain problem with mcf5407 and 2.6.x which tooldchain to move to?

Oleksii Kuchuk yankee.scs at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 05:20:12 EDT 2009

Hello Roger,

I think you are talking about me ).

That toolchain does compilation mistakes for 5407C3 board (I do not
know why, but it does, I have found at least two). Newer toolchain
will help.

Still that distribution does not work correctly with serial port i/o
on that board.

To solve this, in file:

in function:

static void _init m5407_uart_init_line(int line, int irq)
           if (line == 0) {
                   writel(MCFSIM_ICR_LEVEL1 | MCFSIM_ICR_PRI1,
                   writeb(irq, MCFUART_BASE1 + MCFUART_UIVR); // in
this line do as Greg says:

This write should be offset into the MCF_MBAR region, so it should be



                   mcf_setimr(mcf_getimr() & ~MCFSIM_IMR_UART1);
           } else if (line == 1) {
                   writel(MCFSIM_ICR_LEVEL1 | MCFSIM_ICR_PRI2,
                   writeb(irq, MCFUART_BASE2 + MCFUART_UIVR);
                   mcf_setimr(mcf_getimr() & ~MCFSIM_IMR_UART2);

2009/5/29 Roger Thornblad <rthornblad at utsci.com>:
> To All,
> I've been trying to get a 20080808 dist with the latest patches running on
> my 5407C3 eval board.
> toolchain is m68k-uclinux-20061214
> 2.4.x kernel runs OK
> 2.6.x doesn't.  After some chasing around I found a problem in
> kmem_cache_create() thinking it was called while in an interrupt.
> After some searches in the mailing list I found someone with a similar
> problem where he found it was a toolchain issue.  He moved to a newer tool
> set and problem was resolved.
> It appears there are several options for a new toolset.
> I'm curious which toolchain would you recommend / is most popular out there?
> Thanks,
> -Roger
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