[uClinux-dev] Zeroconf with uClinux?

Krause Mathias (ST-CO/ENG4.3) Mathias.Krause at de.bosch.com
Thu Jun 4 06:30:14 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I am named to implement something zeroconf on our embedded linux system (uClinux on coldfire, 32bit). Currently I've no idea, where to start. I think, what I need is mDNS and IP local.
Is there anybody out there who made a bonjour-compatible device by running uClinux? Any hints where to start?

I already tried to cross-compile the apple bonjour, but as I am a bit inexpirienced in uClinux I ran into a lot of problems.
I also tried to cross-compile avahi (with most of the features disabled) but I also can't get it to compile.

Now, I read in a mailing list, that libavahi is included into uClinux-dist. Unfortunately I cannot find anything.
Any hints, starting points or help would be very appreciated.


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