[uClinux-dev] Signals sometimes not delivered (m68knommu)?

Mike Frysinger vapier at gentoo.org
Thu Feb 26 15:07:01 EST 2009

On Thursday 26 February 2009 14:33:24 John B Moore wrote:
> When I look in /proc/<pid>/status I can see that in the cases where the
> control-c does not work, most signals are blocked. Normally signals look
> like:
> SigBlk: 0000000080000000
>  but in the case when control-c fails I see :
> SigBlk: 01e847a881d8f42a

maybe it's me, but that looks like garbage

> I have searched around and cant seem to find any code obvious that is
> doing this. Any suggestions on where I shoudl be looking?

when we had a similar issue under Blackfin/uClibc, our sigjmp related code 
wasnt entirely correct and would sometimes restore garbage in the signal mask

otherwise, your best bet is probably to try and get a simple test case (in C) 
which you can hook up with gdb and step through in leaps while monitoring the 
status file.  once it gets corrupted, you can narrow it down further.

or perhaps run things through strace and maybe someone is calling 
sigprocmask() incorrectly on you

g'luck ... the Blackfin fix was a bitch to track down :p
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