[uClinux-dev] No messages on console (m68knommu)

Greg Ungerer gerg at snapgear.com
Wed Feb 25 22:10:43 EST 2009

Hi John,

John B Moore wrote:
> I am working with a device which uses an M523x coldfire running 
> uClinux-dist-20080808 with the 20090112 patch applied as well (kernel 
> 2.6.26-uc0). I am using uClibc 9.30 and the compiler is gcc 4.2.3 
> uclinux cross compiler. I have ttyS1 set up as the console via the 
> passed kernel parameters but I get no kernel messages until init runs. I 
> recently applied the patch to fix the errant check in mcf_console_setup 
> which always forced the port to 0 but it did not fix this problem.

How are you passing args to the kernel?
Are you sure it is seeing them?


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