[uClinux-dev] Most stable 2.4.x kernel for ARM

Jamie Lokier jamie at shareable.org
Wed Feb 25 11:12:01 EST 2009

Michael Schnell wrote:
>                In my particular case kernel uses all available
>                RAM (~10MB) for disk
>                cache and releases it only in ~15 seconds. Other
>                applications cannot
>      Andrei's filling page cache at the rate of ~10MB in 15 seconds.
> Hmm. I understood the 10 MB were allocated as cache in whatever time span and
> only released after a hold-off of 15 secs. (But I'm not a native English
> speaker :) )

Pages allocated more than 15 seconds ago would be released by the VM
since that's how long it takes to release them isn't it? :-)

But don't assume I know exactly what I'm talking about here... :-) To
be honest, I did jump to a conclusion that Andrei's observation is due
to streaming data from disk at video rates (which 10MB/15sec is),
since I've often encountered that problem, and I'm working on similar
hardware to Andrei (not quite the same) which is primarily an MMUless
platform for video playback.

-- Jamie

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