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If you don't need CAN, you could try unsoldering the CAN transceiver on the EVB and using the pins multiplexed with CANRX and CANTX.  I'm not sure if you can get a full handshaked serial port, or just RX and TX, though. 

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I am using M5329EVB and we are using uClinux OS (given by freescale) to the target. I am able to use UART1 and 2 of 5329, but I am not able to use the UART3. I noticed in the schematics that the UART3 is used as PSSI port with an audio chip. I also noticed that the audio chip is not selected through the chip select pin when I switch on the board, it is inactive. 

Even though the Tx and Rx pins are available to the Zoom board, when i try to send some data to the UART3 in the software, I am not seeing any signal change in the Tx pin of 5329. 
Can somebody clarify the following, 
1. Is ttyS2 provided in uClinux, the driver for UART3? (ttyS0 and ttyS1 are working fine and tested) 
2. Do we need to do any other configuration to make it work as it is multiplexed with PSSI port? 
3. Is there any sample code available for using the UART3 with uClinux? 

4. What is the maximum baud rate of all the UARTs? when I try to use 230K it is giving compilation error. 

My application requires all the 3 UARTs to be working simultaneously. 

Has anybody faced the same problem, kindly help me out.



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