[uClinux-dev] Build SMP uClinux on NIOS II processors

Hao Shen william.shen at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 04:45:44 EST 2009

Hello, all,

I would like to have an SMP uClinux running on the multilple NIOS II
processors architecture (with or without cache coherence). The target
of this work is only for research usage.

The uClinux for NIOS II does not support SMP until now, but I find
that the kernel part includes the SMP compilation flags. I think it
should come from the Linux code which already supports the SMP
architecture well (Does the kernel files of uClinux are the same as
the same version of Linux kernel ?). So I think it's possible to open
these flags with small kernel code modifications. Would you please
tell me some details about how to modify the kernel for this SMP

Best regards,

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