[uClinux-dev] howto generate Kconfig files from Config.in for busybox

Mike Frysinger vapier at gentoo.org
Thu Feb 12 15:51:56 EST 2009

On Thursday 12 February 2009 11:40:15 Michael Schnell wrote:
> > as for NIOS/Blackfin, i certainly dont have a problem if the NIOS guys
> > want to merge their work back with ours...
> It seems a little bit funny to have a common Blackfin+NIOS git, as these
> archs are very different.

for userspace, it doesnt matter.  things are either MMU or NOMMU.  most of the 
time this is easily handled via configure checks or for some packages, we key 
off of uClibc defines.  the arch is irrelevant.  ive done enough cross/arch 
integration with Gentoo to make these differences melt away and hopefully, ive 
attained just that in uClinux-dist.

i dont really understand your statement anyways as the current mainline 
uclinux-dist already supports multiple arches.  like arm or coldfire or mips 
or m68k or sh or microblaze or blackfin or .......

> NIOS will have MMU support some day so this might be not an easy task.

uclinux-dist is designed to have vendor kernels dropped in and swapped out.  
in the Blackfin case, they're two different repos and we either symlink in the 
kernel or use svn external (to automate for users).  so again, not a big deal.  
besides, the main uclinux-dist has been doing this for a long time: supporting 
mmu and nommu in the same tree.  as for "will have MMU support some day", 
Blackfin too will have a MMU "some day".  we already have a fully supported 
MPU in our kernel now, so processes can be protected from each other as well 
as protecting the kernel.
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