[uClinux-dev] howto generate Kconfig files from Config.in for busybox

Thomas Chou thomas at wytron.com.tw
Wed Feb 11 21:07:48 EST 2009

Mike Frysinger wrote:

> ive tried convincing the uClinux-dist guys to use some of the methodologies 
> that we've adopted in the Blackfin uClinux dist, but it doesnt look like it's 
> going to happen, so ive given up :/

Hi Mike,

We adopted the excellent works from Blackfin uClinux dist to Nios2 
uClinux dist, such as the staging dir , busybox and autotools scripts. 
Best thanks to all you at Blackfin uClinux.

Especially you, the very first to inspire me in the open source 
community. Thank you again.


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