[uClinux-dev] howto generate Kconfig files from Config.in for busybox

Mike Frysinger vapier at gentoo.org
Tue Feb 10 12:48:47 EST 2009

On Tuesday 10 February 2009 12:32:47 Lars Holowko wrote:
> I am trying to upgrade the busybox that is part of uClinux-dist to a
> current version.
> The original busybox just comes with Config.in but no Kconfig files, the
> latter needed by the uClinux build process.
> Since the Kconfig files and the Config.in files look almost identical
> (mostly USER_BUSYBOX_ prefix for all configuration variables), I was
> wondering if someone has a script that can generate the Kconfig files
> automatically and wants to share it.

the Blackfin uClinux dist has one that ive been using for quite a while
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