[uClinux-dev] why no-mmu cannot support binfmt_aout.c

loody miloody at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 07:22:23 EST 2009

Dear Greg:

> It is not extracted, it is mounted and used "in-place"
> using the MTD uclinux.c map driver. It is a RAM based
> MTD setup.

I can duplicate the result on skyeye as you do and I can see my
console output finally.
Thanks everyone's kind help in the past week  :-)
right I am trying to find out why it cost 5 mints between *1 and *2.
I guess maybe my system timer duration is too long.
appreciate your kind help,

GDB/ARMulator support by <davidm at snapgear.com>
For further information check:

Execution Finished, Exiting   -----*1
BINFMT_FLAT: ROM mapping of file (we hope)
BINFMT_FLAT: Allocated data+bss+stack (21544 bytes): 83e08004
start_thread(regs=0x83c33fb0, entry=0x83e40044, start_stack=0x83e0ff98)

Sash command shell (version 1.1.1)
/> ---*2

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