[uClinux-dev] Minimum size of uCLinux and J9 compatibility

Jamie Lokier jamie at shareable.org
Tue Feb 3 06:28:03 EST 2009

Chris Gray wrote:
> You can also apply the same kind of thinking within a single-process
> multi- threaded model, if you can find the right boundaries. For
> example in OSGi the unit of granularity might be the service: if a
> service is critical then some other service should be monitoring it
> and be ready to take action if it appears to be stuck. The last
> resort is to exit the JVM, and then at the linux scripting level
> save the stack trace and relaunch Java.

With no MMU, any process can clobber memory of any other process.
So the last resort is the watchdog chip, in case it all went horribly

I am *so* glad we have a watchdog chip on board.

No so pleased with the occasional spontaneous reboot without kernel
panic message :-/  But it's better than a locked up remote system.

-- Jamie

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