[uClinux-dev] why no-mmu cannot support binfmt_aout.c

Greg Ungerer gerg at snapgear.com
Sun Feb 1 19:17:19 EST 2009

Hi Loody,

loody wrote:
>> 11. cp <my-local-skyeye.conf-file> .
> Dear Greg:
> Everything seems fine before step 11.
> I am trying to find where or how to generate the conf.

Here is what I use:

   cpu: arm7tdmi
   mach: at91
   mem_bank: map=M, type=RW, addr=0x00000000, size=0x00004000
   mem_bank: map=M, type=RW, addr=0x01000000, size=0x00400000
   mem_bank: map=M, type=R,  addr=0x01400000, size=0x00400000, file=boot.rom
   mem_bank: map=M, type=RW, addr=0x02000000, size=0x00400000
   mem_bank: map=M, type=RW, addr=0x02400000, size=0x00008000
   mem_bank: map=M, type=RW, addr=0x04000000, size=0x00400000
   mem_bank: map=I, type=RW, addr=0xf0000000, size=0x10000000
   lcd: state=off

> BTW, I previously hand made root file system and pass it to the kernel
> which I configured as supporting initramfs. But after seeing what
> uclinux done for me, I feel my method is pretty ugly.
> I search the romfs on the net and most of them tell me what the format it is.
> And the inode.c in fs/romfs is used to handle extract.
> But I have no idea how kernel extracts the boot.rom and put it to the rootfs.
> appreciate your help,

It is not extracted, it is mounted and used "in-place"
using the MTD uclinux.c map driver. It is a RAM based
MTD setup.


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