[uClinux-dev] Minimum size of uCLinux and J9 compatibility

Jonathan Wong jhannwong at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 02:09:42 EST 2009

Hi Jamie,

I won't need a web browser, just a thin client to communicate with a central server.

I was just told our device doesn't have RAM at all, only 8MB ROM. Is that possible?

All these EABI/OABI stuff seems complicated. I have to compile different parts of my application 
with different compilers?


Jamie Lokier wrote:
> Jonathan Wong wrote:
>> Can I use your "Mika"? Is the EM8623 an ARM9 or ARM7?
> EM8623 is an ARM7 I believe, with no MMU.
> For SMP8634 and beyond, they switched to MIPS with MMU :-)
> The codesourcery toolchain uses ARM EABI, but the Sigma Designs
> libraries as OABI, so watch out.  You have to use the right
> compilers...
>> I need to create a media player and include web connectivity (very thin web 
>> client). Do I use CLDC or CDC? It could come down to size constraints, 
>> though.
> Your main constraint will be memory, indeed.  Max RAM with EM8623 is
> 128MB, and some portion, about 40MB, must be kept separate for video.
> That does not leave much for a web browser, if you have
> high-resolution pictures or large fonts.  It'll be a squeeze.  But it
> is just about enough for basic pages.  I predict your biggest problem
> after getting a browser will be memory fragmentation, which prevents
> all the memory being used with 100% efficiency - especially when
> streaming video and/or switching between complex web pages.
> By the way, there are some non-Java web clients for these devices.
> Opera is available, that's probably good.
> Some others look less good, but it depends what you're displaying.
>> I was told codecs are included in the processor. Is that possible, or just 
>> marketing talk?
> There are several codec co-processors in the chip, connected to the
> ARM part.  They are quite good, for the price, although struggle a bit
> at the highest resolutions.  You need to load codec binaries, but they
> are loaded into the co-processors which are specially designed for it;
> they don't do much on the ARM itself.
>> I'm asking the manufacturer about RAM sizes. Whatever the RAM size is, I'm 
>> stuck with it. The hardware has already been bought by somebody on the team.
> Max size RAM, last I heard, is 128MB total (including video memory) on
> EM8623.
> Best of luck,
> -- Jamie
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