[uClinux-dev] Shared library issues on m68knommu and gcc 4.1.1

paul_dale at au.securecomputing.com paul_dale at au.securecomputing.com
Sun Jul 29 18:23:55 EDT 2007

I missed your initial message.  I did the m68k shared library work so I ought 
to understand this, although it was quite a few years ago now and memory 

> My earlier understanding was incorrect. The problem (so far) is not in
> the GOT. It is definitely in the relocation table.
> I feel like I'm driving with no map. Am I totally incorrect?

I think so, at least what you've said seemed to make sense and matches what I 
remember.  This stuff is very rusty to me, we've not used ColdFire parts for a 
number of years :-(  Actually, lots of years.

> Is this the right list to be talking to?

I should think so.

> Does anyone with experience (snapgear guys) have any recommendations?

My method for debugging these problems involved hex dumps of the compiler generated code (objdump -D is good) and a hex calculator to link everything together.

The "library is younger" message comes from a date check between the flat headers of the executable and libc.  Try flthdr -p to see what values are really present in the two executables.  This check doesn't have anything to do with relocations so if something is going awry mid way through, I'd be suspecting memory corruption.


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