[uClinux-dev] machine_arch_type in head-nommu.S?

Brandon Fosdick brandon at teslamotors.com
Fri Jan 12 12:59:54 EST 2007

Erwin Authried wrote:
> The CONFIG_MACH_XXX are from the kernel configuration, you can find a
> lot of MACH_XXX variables in arch/arm/mach-*/Kconfig.
> In the machine type table, there should be a ARCH_XXX or a MACH_XXX
> entry to "fine select" a specific machine/board for a given
> architecture. In either case, there should be a kernel config variable
> with the same name. Obviously, this wasn't always done this way.

Now I see them. I must have been grep'ing for the wrong thing.

It looks like arch/arm/mach-lpc2xx/Kconfig was missing MACH_LPC22XX.


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