[uClinux-dev] Re: fec patch problems

Michael Broughton mbobowik at telusplanet.net
Tue Jan 9 18:22:52 EST 2007

NZG wrote:
> Well, just the other day I put our 5282 board into a high traffic enviornment 
> that repeatedly and reliably knocks down it's connection until reboot in just 
> a couple minutes.
> (I do have the cache enabled but I don't see how the processor would be much 
> use without it)
> If this driver fixes that problem then thank you sir for submitting it.
> I will continue testing.

The data cache is the most likely source of your problem. The original 
FEC driver will not operate correctly when the data cache is enabled.

> I certainly would, expecially in the cryptography realm, it would be nice if 
> dropbear could establish a connection in a decent time frame, but that may 
> just be dropbear.
> I did some SSL stuff recently and didn't have nearly the lag I got on 
> dropbear.

RSA is really slow on the 5282, in my experience. If you don't mind 
turning off DH, that can make a bit of an improvement.

> Probing would be best, but I think a subconfiguration option would be fine to, 
> since the standard snapgear build process is board-centric a configuration 
> option seems completely reasonable.

Well, the PHY layer does probe the MII bus. The problem is, if there is 
more than one PHY, how do you choose the right one?

For now I will change the Kconfig file so that you can specify the PHY 
id at config time.

> thank you for responding so quickly!
> Nathan Z. Gustavson
> Systems Engineer
> EMAC.Inc -www.emacinc.com

No problem.


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