[uClinux-dev] LPC2294 support in uClinux

Kaushik karandikar kaushikkarandikar at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 4 00:33:38 EST 2007

which distribution u r using? yes LPC2294 has no MMU. You have to apply certain patches for MMU less environment like Hyok's patch. There are patches given on uClinux site.

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I'm trying to get uClinux-dist-test built for an LPC2294 but it looks 
like the configuration files config.linux-2.6.x and config.uClibc in 
vendors/Philips/LPC2294 include support for an MMU and indicate that the 
core is an ARM710. I'm pretty sure the 2294 has no MMU and is actually 
an ARM7TDMI core. Am I missing something?

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