[uClinux-dev] Fwd: what i did..samsung s3c4510b

nidhi nidhi at galieosoft.com
Thu Jan 26 23:58:17 EST 2006

>Dear all: i would like to tell you all the steps what i tried,so that you 
>can sujjest me where i am goin wrong.
>1. copied uclinux-Samsung xxxxxx.tar.gz and arm-elf-tools.sh to /usr
>2. installed the toolchain by the command   sh arm-elf-tools20040427.sh
>3. untared the source by tar -xzvf uclinux-Samsungxxxx.tar.gz
>4. created a folder hello in uclinux-Samsung/user
>5. in hello folder created two files a Makefile and a hello.c
>int main(void)
>  printf(" hello");
>return (0);
>EXEC = hello
>OBJS = hello.o
>all: $(EXEC)
>$(EXEC): $(OBJS)
>$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) o $@ $(OBJS) $(LDLIBS)
>romfs: $(ROMFSINST) /bin/$(EXEC)
>clean: rm romfs:
>6.in the user/Makefile added this line
>7.configure/config.help added line
>    sample test hello
>8.in configure/config.in under miscellaneous applications added
>9. make menuconfig
>     i have selected update vendor settings,update kernel settings
>  and checkmarked (selected) the 'hello' under miscellaneous applications.
>10. make dep
>11. make user_only
>12.make lib_only
>13.make romfs
>14.make image
>but while making romfs it says that cannot'stat' hello file or folder not 
>here the file 'hello' in romfs/bin is not found
>later i found that. it is not creating any binary executable file...coz 
>one sample example is already attatched in the dist and if i remove it , 
>the same lines appear saying"cannot stat'sample' the file or foldr is not 
>found"and it is not creating it again.
>here also the 'sample' under romfs/bin is not found.
>please help me ......

can i compile it seperately...in user/hello directory by 'make'
is this ok?

>or if you want me to try out some more.. please.....
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