[uClinux-dev] problems getting started with uclinux

Ottavio Campana ottavio at campana.vi.it
Thu Jan 19 10:20:24 EST 2006

Greg Ungerer wrote:
> Hi Ottavio,
> Ottavio Campana wrote:
>> I'm have some problems trying to compila uclinux for coldfire 5272 board.
>> 1) make menuconfig seems to be weird: if I update my settings and I
>> compile uclinux I don't get what I want. I have to compile several times
>> and than soone or later I get what I want. Does that happen to you? Do I
>> need to run make dep every time?
> What do you mean you don't get what you want?
> Can you give some example settings that do this?

well, it compiles things I don't want and viceversa.

>> 2) I'm unable to get mount working. I want to compile programs on a pc
>> and run them on them board using nfs to share them. I compiled busybox's
>> mount because the other choice doesn't compile, and at boot time I need
>> to mount /proc, so I run
> The old stand-alone mount only works against 2.0.x kernels.
> For all other kernel versions use busybox mount.
>> /> mount -t proc proc /proc
>> mount: bb_xasprintf: Unknown error 0
>> pid 34: failed 256
>> />
>> what kind of error is it? how can I fix it?
> What uClinux-dist are you using?
> What lib did you choose, uClibc or uC-libc?

uC-libc, and I selected linux-2.4 and I'm compiling for the m5272c3
board. I'm using uClinux-dist-20051110.

By the way: what's the difference between uC-libc and uClibc?

I have build uClibc, but I have to wait this evening to test the image.

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