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rakesh polasa rakesh_polasa at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 18 00:32:06 EST 2006

mahesh at linuxlearningcentre.com wrote:  hello everyone,
i am using samsung s3c4510b board and uclinux,i am quite new to this ,now
what i am trying to do is load the image.ram through USB .i want do it all
my own and get started.
My question is
can make use USB driver that is written in linux 2.4 kernel or any
modification is needed?
please help\
thanks in advance

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    hello sir ,
       I wanted to  do my final year project related to interfacing webcam(logitech quickcam express) and bluetooth-usb-dongle to LPC2106 microcontroller (based on ARM7TDMI processor) through usb-OTG controller ISP1161A1, which transfers the static images captured by webcam through bluetooth.And further capturing the static images through the bluetooth connected at the PC end, and doing some image processing in matlab.
              It could be a very great help for me if you suggest me about how to proceed for writing the driver for webcam and bluetooth and also send me information about your board details.
                                 waiting for your valuable suggestion.
                                                                     thank you  

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