[uClinux-dev] Mac OS X hosted cross compiler for m68k-elf wanted

Guido Sohne guido at sohne.net
Fri Jan 6 10:32:43 EST 2006

On Jan 6, 2006, at 12:46 PM, Phil Wilshire wrote:

> But since you have a linux PC, stick with that as a development tool.
> You may get more information on your download problem by running
> "strace" on the  failing  command.
>    sudo strace uClinux-dist/images/flash -r uClinux-dist/images/ 
> romfs.img
> You'll get a lot of output but also see all the system calls  the  
> "flash" command is trying to use.

I did that prior to mailing the list. It kept on looping through  
doing a select on the comm port, then timing out, then doing the  
select again. That was with the Sunyard built in flashing interface.  
I tried another key combo on boot, to get a different flashing  
interface, and this time it sends the data to the POS, but the POS  
didn't accept it. Hence, I wanted to build the new romfs.img, but as  
noted in the response to Lars, the timestamps didn't change. I didn't  
want to make a reconfigure of the source tree, in case I made a  
mistake which prevents the machine from booting.

I blame Sunyard for this, not ucDIMM which appears to be a fine product.

> You should also be able to debug the  "flash" program by adding   
> printf's  ( that is if you have the source  )

No source :-) I'd prefer to use tools from the shell such as dd etc  
rather than that program. I just don't know how to set it up on the  
POS to receive the new image, so I can bypass their funky BIOS.

> As Lars said
>    make romfs
> should build a rom image for you.

Not for me :-(

I appreciate the time you took out to help me!

-- G.

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