[uClinux-dev] could load modules in kernel-2.4.17

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Wed Jan 4 20:14:42 EST 2006

Jivin ?? dragon lays it down ...
> hi, everyone. i am dragon. there is something wrong with my work. i working 
> in the em8511 target, i want to build a peson void player system with 
> uClinux-2.4 kernel and SDK of sigma design.Of cource, everything is ok in 
> the Emulator. but just in the Emulator. My system can't load the module of 
> ide.o irdrv.o when my system start to run . i don't know why, the error 
> information is :
> ----------------------------------------
> Using /khwl.o
> Using /piodrv.o
> PIO: init_module
> PIO: device (128:0) registered in devfs
> PIO: irq 5 obtained
> PIO: irq 6 obtained
> PIO: init_module ok
> Using /irdrv.o
> Using ide-mod.o
> error reading ELF section data
> Could not load the moduleNo module found with this name
> No module found with this name
> -------------------------------------------------
> why did it right run in the Emulator not in the target ? 
> is there anyone could give me some usefull message ?
> think you very much !
> http://dragon.xinwen365.net

Is the image you are running the exact same one as in the emulator ?

Looks like the root filesystem is different and doesn't have the modules
included,  or the modules.dep is not right (if it's needed for your


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