[uClinux-dev] [patch] bug in gettimeoffset for Atmel AT91

Erwin Authried eauth at softsys.co.at
Wed Jan 4 06:00:42 EST 2006

Am Mi, den 04.01.2006 schrieb David McCullough um 1:19:
> Jivin Erwin Authried lays it down ...
> > This patch fixes the broken gettimeoffset for Atmel AT91. When the timer
> > is reloaded during the gettimeofday system call, the jiffies are not yet
> > incremented, causing the time to "jump back". 
> > It seems that many other armnommu architectures still have the same bug.
> > 
> > Regards,
> > Erwin
> Applied,  sorry for the delay but I had to update the ARMulator to run
> with this change :-)
> Anyone care to put together patches for other armnommu targets,
> jump right in :-)
Hello David,

here's the same game for the Winbond W90N740...


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