[uClinux-dev] snapgear 3.3 hangs at "Freeing init memory" on IXP425

Greg Ungerer gerg at snapgear.com
Thu Apr 20 20:42:00 EDT 2006

Hi Yan,

Yan Luo wrote:
> I am trying to boot snapgear 3.3 (2.6.12 kernel) on Intel's IXP425
> using StarEast platform. The boot procedure got stuck at 'Freeing init
> memory'. I googled around and found similar problem was solved by
> configuring NWFPE instead of FastFPE. But this did not solve my
> problem.
> I have several questions as follows:
> 1) I build cross-compile tools (arm-linux-gcc 3.3.2) with 2.4 kernel
> headers. Does it matter if I use these cross-compile tool to compile
> 2.6 kernel? The cross tools built 2.4 kernel successfully and I was
> able to boot using 2.4.

No, it doesn't matter - at least not when building within
the snapgear-3.3.0 framework. The snapgear build doesn't rely
on kernel of libc headers from the toolchain when building.

I am using a newer toolchain version though. The latest arm-linux
binary tools on snapgear.org contain a gcc-3.4.4 compiler. And
that is what I used when testing snapgear-3.3.0 code.

> 2) What is the difference of init between from 'Core Applications' and
> from 'Busybox'? Which one I should use?

I mostly use the simple init in core applications.
busybox init uses a different inittab format file for one thing.

> 3) Shall I use uclibc instead of glibc when building 2.6 kernel?

I would recomend uClibc.

> 4) Are there any difference on the dev files between 2.6 kernel and
> 2.4? I manually copied the dev files from 2.4 ramdisk to 2.6 ramdisk
> because genext2fs did not get a good dev.txt file when building 2.6.

None that I recall. Pretty sure the same is good for both.


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