[uClinux-dev] "nostalgic": uClinux running from flash on a Palm IIIx

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Sun Oct 30 18:20:39 EST 2005

Jivin Jim Davidson lays it down ...
> Hi, 
> I just looked at EVERY subject header of the email
> archive (whew!) hoping to find this answer, but I
> couldn't sooo... 
> I look at the startup assembly code & the linker file
> & it looks like uClinux places the following at flash
> address 0x10c10400 for palm (III): 
>   a jump instruction 
>   four characters "boot" 
>   WORD val of 10000 
>   then the startup code 
> That pattern doesn't exist at that address in my Palm
> IIIx, so I don't see how that bootloader works with
> the startup code & linker file I see.  That pattern
> does exist somehere else in ROM (and similar patterns
> (different JMP address though) exists in various
> places too.
> For the heck of it, I placed a small program at that
> location with the above header.  It set up the LCD,
> made a big blinking cursor, and sat in a spin loop. 
> It didn't work.  :( 
> So, does uClinux work with the Palm bootloader, or is
> it meant to use a different one (or did I just simply
> do something wrong)?  If it uses another one, where

It uses it's own palm loader.

> can I get it?  Or, maybe this has never been done &
> everyone has run out of ram.  I doubt this, 'cause
> there's the rom.ld file in addition to the ram.ld
> file.

I don't know of anyone who has run it from ROM.  Fairly
easy to toasr you Palm and need a soldering iron to fix it :-(

> Can anyone help me out and explain what I'm missing? 
> I know I'm asking people to go back quite a few years.
>  Any information would be helpful.  I'd really like to
> keep the original bootloader--it's nice (gdb stub &
> all).  And it's a lot safer than overwriting it.  :)

Have a look at:


might have the info you need,


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