[uClinux-dev] MMC drivers 2.6

Mike Lavender mike at steroidmicros.com
Wed Oct 26 19:43:46 EDT 2005

Hi All,

    I am working on the 2.6 kernel and am curious about the MMC driver
support.  In the drivers directory there is an MMC directory, which is not
present in the 2.4 kernel drivers.

    On one hand there seems to be some generic support for MMC in this
directory, but all of the hardware specific devices are implmented as
hardware based SD/MMC host controllers.  I would like to talk to the SD card
over the QSPI bus.  I am currently doing this in the 2.4 kernel as a stand
alone block driver which makes use of the QSPI char driver.  So when I saw
this MMC directory in 2.6 I am intrigued.

    So the question that comes up is where would the best place to implement
a QSPI MMC/SD card driver in the 2.6 kernel?

    1. As part of the current MMC driver?
    2. A new driver in the block or spi directory?

    The problem I see with #1 is that after looking at the code it doesn't
seem to lend itself to easily hooking in a QSPI implmentation.  The problem
I see with #2 is that it will require some MMC protocol code to be
duplicated outside of the MMC directory.

Any suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated,

Mike Lavender

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