[uClinux-dev] Kernel panic: BUG! Report on uClinux 2.4.31-uc0 when executing sy stem()

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Tue Oct 25 17:37:01 EDT 2005

Jivin Aaron Manning lays it down ...
> I'm currently having a problem using the system() call to execute shell 
> commands from within a process. 
> Previously on 2.4.17-uc0 I could successfully execute a system("insmod 
> ticker.o c 247 0") to load my own device drivers, but since updating to 
> 2.4.31 I will receive the Kernel panic: BUG! message and the system 
> hangs. Thinking maybe something was wrong with my module, I decided to 
> just attempt to execute a /bin/sh and recieve the same message. Has 
> something been changed for the sh command line support to not allow 
> multiple sh spawns to execute command line calls?

Nothing that I know of.  Are you running XIP ?  You might want to get
the latest uClinux-dist (or CVS kernel) if that is the case.

> Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
> On a side note, the reason for me using system() is because I need to 
> programatically load/unload device drivers depending on user input. 

That should not be a problem,


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