[uClinux-dev] Kernel panic: BUG! Report on uClinux 2.4.31-uc0 when executing sy stem()

Aaron Manning aamanning at dsc.com
Tue Oct 25 12:18:22 EDT 2005

I'm currently having a problem using the system() call to execute shell 
commands from within a process. 
Previously on 2.4.17-uc0 I could successfully execute a system("insmod 
ticker.o c 247 0") to load my own device drivers, but since updating to 
2.4.31 I will receive the Kernel panic: BUG! message and the system 
hangs. Thinking maybe something was wrong with my module, I decided to 
just attempt to execute a /bin/sh and recieve the same message. Has 
something been changed for the sh command line support to not allow 
multiple sh spawns to execute command line calls?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
On a side note, the reason for me using system() is because I need to 
programatically load/unload device drivers depending on user input. 
Thanks in advance, 

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