[uClinux-dev] gdbserver kills the shell?

Javier Cardona javier at cozybit.com
Fri Oct 21 16:00:03 EDT 2005


I've spent some time trying to get gdbserver to work on a m68knommu 
architecture (M5275EVB).  I've run into all the problems mentioned in this 
thread (fork(), no qOffset) plus some others mentioned elsewhere (Software 
breakpoints not implemented for this target [gdb 6.1], SIGILL signals when 
single stepping [gdb 6.3] 

I'd be happy to try out any of the patches discussed on this list.  But I 
could not see anything checked in...  Are they posted anywhere?

I'm using:


Could you recommend a distribution + tools where gdbserver is known to work on 
this target?

Many thanks!


PS. The bottom line is that I've given up on gdbserver and I'm using the bdm 
one hb at time...

Javier Cardona
cozybit Inc.

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