[uClinux-dev] Evaluation Board

Mike Lavender mike at steroidmicros.com
Thu Oct 20 18:55:22 EDT 2005

The MCF5208 is a successor to the MCF5206e.  The M5208EVB has just been
released and comes with uClinux Kernel 2.4 preloaded on the board and boots
from a compressed image in the 2MB flash.



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I know that it's a stupid question but I didn't find the answer...
I need to choose an evaluation board to run uClinux. The only constraints I
have are that the board has to be cheap and small. I don't need a lot of
memory. An Ethernet connexion is a plus. I saw the ucsimm project but it
seems that links on www.uclinux.org are wrong. I try also to know the price
of a M5206eLITE evaluation board but it seems that the kit can no longer be

Thanks in advance!

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